Mitsubishi Challenger 1999


Mitsubishi Challenger, 1999

Good Points
Very reliable, easy to maintain and has a lot of potential to be modified. Found that it tends to be underated as far as it's capabilities off road.
I'm not one for hard or extreme tracks but it has never let me down and for now l have no modifications.
Fuel economy seems quite reasonable.
Good value for money.
Good first 4WD for a female, easy to handle and size makes it easy to manouevre

Bad Points
Turning circle leaves a lot to be desired but some days it just works a charm.

What mods have you done?
No modifications at this point.

What mods are on the list to do?
Where do l start..
Bull bar
Tow bar
Would consider lockers and a slight lift.

Why did you buy this vehicle?
Mainly the reliability and the size, few major issues motor wise with it that l could see with my research before buying.

How often do you go offroad?
At least twice a month

What will your next vehicle be?
I'm sticking with this one...l love it.


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Don't sell your little Challenger short !

I can attest to how robust and capable they are. One of our group has one , an auto, it has done the Simpson desert Birdsville to Mt Dare,in Victoria comfortably traversed Burgoines Track, forded the McCallister when she was up, has been into the Wonnangatta Valley and Davies High Plains NE Victoria.

That little vehicle towed a vehicle trailer with my old GQ patrol on board fully laden back from Omeo to Frankston a couple of Easters ago when the head went while up on the Davies High Plains.

The modifications Bobby has made are

Cooler for the Auto Transmission ( he suggests a fan assisted one )
Snorkel (airflow make one )
Rear wheel carrier,for a 2nd spare for the desert run, mob in South Australia make one for it
Has 16" Cooper ST's on it (had rims built for it
Aluminium Bull Bar
Long range tank

Drive it with pride, it is a great little machine

Happy Trails

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Believe me Bushnut l do drive it with pride, l love it and wouldn't trade it in for the world.
Quite surprised many of the more experienced drivers at the club l'm with, with what it and l was capable of achieving with it. Not bad for girl l reckon....


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i reckon she was agood choice lee and you will have crack at most anything going within reason go the mighty challenger


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I have a challenger too as my car but the furthest off road shes been is Boat Harbour at kurnel in Sydney, I love my challenger, we use hubbies pajero for all our off road adventures but the challenger has never let me down very reliable and perfect size for me, enough room for the baby seats (we have 2 under 4) .... as for balls she has plenty we tow our lewis eclispe ski boat behind it and its never skipped a beat..
I would reccommend the challenger to anyone looking for an awesome 4wd....

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Just for the record Lee, we have a triton at work that has the same engine, it's done 450,000 km so far and still kicking..


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My wife and I have taken our Challenger through the Flinders, across the Simpson, over Big Red and all the way back. We have also been all over the Yorke Penunsula in SA and lots of other places. We have a roof-top tent (Shippshape) and often go camping in state forests in NSW. I would only replace it with another Challenger (I've heard that Mitsubishi are launching a new Challenger this year, based on the new Triton)

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Iv Owned A Challenger For 2 Months Now We,ve Been All Over The Place,including One Trip To Mundubbra Which Is A 7 Hour Drive We Sat On 120 Kmp On The Main Roads,the Ecconomy Was Good It Handeld Great,iv Also Had It Up The Beach A Few Times Hasn,t Mist A Fact Its Been As Good As My Hilux I Had A Few Years Ago.


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It's not lookin good at the moment!

Those quick trips around the block can take there toll!!!!!!!!

Especially with those hard core tracks in the burbs!!
Its all good Lee we have joined the bista club as Mr Splitpin doesnt know the difference between a sedan and a 4 wheel drive. All I wanted was a nice little sedan to get to and from work, but no he had to get another 4x4:eek::eek::eek: