Mitsubishi Australia searching for classic Tritons to display in Adelaide

We are celebrating 40 years of Triton and hoping the community might be able to help us acquire some older model Triton to display at our Dealer Conference in Adelaide on Monday the 19th of November.

The models that we are hoping to locate are:

MB Triton – ’78-‘86

MJ Triton – ’86-‘96

MK Triton – ’96-‘06

MN Triton – ’05-‘15

Please send us a PM if you might be able to help and also to discuss transport options.


Thanks in advance, the Mitsubishi Motors team!
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Just as an aside - I thought the MB Triton name was not used in Australia and the first Triton badged product in Aust started with the MJ.

I thought the MB was badged in Australia as the Mitsibushi (Chrysler?) L200 Ute. Splitting hairs I know but just curious.