Mits Delica Series 1 1995


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Mits Delica Series 1, 1995

Good Points
It's a 9 seater and I have 7 children so it's a great people mover with great comfort. Brilliant to drive, capable 4wd, has the best online club for tech and mod support. There is nothing that can compare to its all round capabilities as a people mover/4wd.

Bad Points
Poor front articulation. Poor clearance. Useless plastic bash plate with a bolt strategically placed under the oil filter! S1 have pump problems. the plastic bash bees to be addressed before going off road.

What mods have you done?
Ranchos and in cab control, 30" BFG's on Chromes, Custom Bash Plates, Recovery hooks, Turbo booster, 2.5" Exhaust, Roof Rack, Snorkel, Terzo ladder, 1800kgs Hitch, 125lt long range fuel tank New Guages [EGT, Fuel/Air, Boost etc] Usual in car stuff - UHF, DVD players etc. Camping drawers installed behind third row seats and just recently added a rear ARB diff locker.

What mods are on the list to do?
Ummmm. Wouldn't mind diesel/gas but a bit $$$.

Why did you buy this vehicle?
Simple - needed at the time an 8 seater that I could afford. Bought it 3 years ago and since then had our seventh and last child, so had to get it changed to a 9 seater (1 3/4 bench in the front).

How often do you go offroad?
Monthly maybe...

What will your next vehicle be?
That depends on when I will need one - and how many children I still need to cart around.


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Oh cool, a tarago? Hehe. jk. Nice Delica! **I am sorry this may be offensive, I will edit this comment if so BUT how I remember the name of these is D!ckLicker**


Looks clean :D:D:D


Should I fetch the soap?

I'm hoping that was just a slip of the tongue heels! :p

Nicest looking 4x4 van I've seen. Seems like a good balance


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Heels, you know how I remember to say moderator? ;)
Thanks Grit - yup it's all about getting a good compromise you're happy with.