MISS "A" B!TCHY destroys Pootrol lol

decided to go out tonight to a local spot with a friend in a GU pootrol and guess who got stuck???

the POOTROL haha so not only did the PAJ get through it all she also did a recovery haha

Now to see what she can do tomorrow :p


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Don't mind you recovering Pootrols, it's just when you have to pull a Toyota out I'll get worried!


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Ya! gotta be happy with that, knowing you've got bragging rights for a while.
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Did a recovery myself today in the wombat forest.
Me mates Pootrol did its clutch, ended up toeing him out with my Toyota 4runner :D back on to the main track where we got it going again just enough to get him back home.
Bloody Pootrol shit on a good day out. lol
And she does it again good old POOTROL recovery again too day i have footage but need to work out how to get it from video camera to computer haha


OOH seems to be a slight problem with them POOTROLS, Don't seem to want to keep moving without some help, HE HE HA HA!


Hmm don't think many cars would get far in mud with those racing slick road tyres ;) (pic2)... poor car it aint the Patrols fault !!! blame the driver !!!

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I must say that I have never been recovered by a Pajero. YET. But I guess the day will come. Well done Miss "a" b!tchy. Who was first though?