mintbush fire trailnowra/shoalhaven

mark funnell

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g,day to all, i was recently down in nowra for 4wd after the heavy rains,got down to the creek crossing before the climb back up to wombat flat and a tree has been washed out of the bank and blocks the trail.if you go down there take a chainsaw with you or if the creek has dropped enough you can possibly get in a position on the creek bed to winch it out of the way and clear the track for some very good / difficult 4wd back up to monkeybone/wombat flat trails,on the way up near the top dont forget to stop and climb the wooden ladder on the right for some great views of the area. the date i was there was the 17th feb 2010.regards mark funnell new member.

teza h

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Yeh! thanks for the heads up on that one mate, I'm thinking of doin that track one weekend soon.
Cheers Teza H.