Mini Middle Earth meet up, 24-26 September 2010 “Stockton Beach region NSW”


“Mini Middle Earth”.

**Kids and families welcome**

Who's invited? Everyone:)

Dogs are permitted at camp, on Stocktons and in State Forests. Bringing your pooch camping can be great and I do encourage it :) but ---> ** NOTE ** if your dog is a biter or may be unsuitable to be around people it does not know, children, other dogs, horses, cattle, chooks and native wildlife leave it at home.(seriously:eek:)

Pure Yobbo, Walkabout and Grey Ghost.

24th-26th September 2010, people are welcome to stay a few days or more either side of the event should they wish.
Stockton beach run will be on Saturday 25th.

Stockton beach / North arm cove and surrounding region.

Bulga Creek bush camp
252 Gooreengi Rd North Arm cove NSW
bulga creek bush camp - Google Maps

Lat: S32.636768 Lon: E152.020054 = Cnr Gooreengi Rd/Pacific Highway North Arm Cove
Lat: S32.634189 Lon: E152.043915 = Bulga creek Bush camp front gate
Lat: S32.637694 Lon: E152.047799 = Farm house and amenities
Lat: S32.639944 Lon: E152.047684 = chosen camp site

From front gate follow immediately around to the right (this is the main Rd/driveway) follow this around a LH bend and straight on for about 800 meters, you will see a Lilly Pond/Dam on your left and a signpost saying 4x4Earth camp, turn left here and follow the trail through to the camp site.
There will be a make shift loop trail running through the camping area with camping either side so you don't have to drive through anyone's site etc - please use this trail.

The camp has mobile phone reception (Telstra std mobile) so most phones should get reception especially 3G etc.
The amenities block at camp has HOT showers and flush toilets and is located up near the farm house and cabins.
** see mud map at the bottom of this post for more detail **

Persons over 16yrs per night $10:00 each.
Family with 2 adults and kids under 16 flat rate of $25:00 per night.
Fee's are payable to Walkabout and I check off that you have paid and pass it on to the owners.

Things to do at camp
Horses and ponies (inc - 1 shetland) are available for rent by the hour, horse back property tours are also available.
Have a look at the live stocks.
Bush walking or take a drive through the property to see the inlets and surrounding waterways or fish the tidal estuaries for fish and mud crab.
Maybe catch a yabbie or two in the dam - a crayfish farm is just a few properties up if you have no luck and want a feed of crays or yabbies.
Go for a swim in the pool or just laze about enjoying the bush.

Four wheel driving:
As the title suggests there will be beach / dune driving on Stockton Beach and Local State forests near Karua like Nerong state forest or maybe a trip up Mt Sugarloaf and tracks in the area.
In general the 4wding would be classed as medium, nothing too extreme;) likely hood of vehicle damage if driving sensibly is low.

Probably not much in the way of events, more just a good fun get together with people doing some wheeling in great spots and having some laughs around a warm camp fire

What to bring:
Well your 4by is a good place to start.
All vehicles going on convoy runs must have a working UHF radio and first aid kit, no excuses!- if you don’t have one installed in your truck a hand held will suffice.
Your own recovery gear and knowledge of your vehicles recovery points.
Tent or camper and any camping equipment you need to be self sufficient.
A sand flag should you have one or want to make one up (not requirement but a very good idea)
A happy, friendly, flexible and positive attitude.

Emergency envelope (recommended). This is an envelope you keep in your glove box with any medical problems you may have ( no not turrets:eek:;):D) things like heart problems etc should an emergency arise along with any other information and contact details that may be relevant should you suffer from an illness or have an accident.

Other things you should know:
Plenty of firewood on site - no need to bring any.
For people using eskies there is ice available 4 or so klm up the road at the United servo (Ayres rock - old leyland brothers world site)
We are a friendly bunch so turn up with a smile on your dial and you will fit right in;)

Convoys :
Convoys for the days driving etc will depart camp at 9:00am sharp each day, you will need to be ready and in your vehicle lined up by this time so as not to inconvenience other people.
Fuel and anything else you may need for the day should be purchased the day before so you are 100% ready for the day when the convoy leaves.
Depending on convoy size the group may be split into 3 or more groups as large groups on Stockton beach would be a pain plus there is also the safety aspect and inconvenience to other users to consider, if this is the case group leaders with local knowledge will head up each group with a designated meet up point for lunch.

Sand dune and rough track driving can be dangerous if you are not careful, books and video’s can only go part of the way and can not fully prepare you on how to do it. When done safely it is a blast that you and your family will thoroughly enjoy.
There will be plenty of experienced four wheel drivers attending so if you are unsure of anything forget your pride and ASK QUESTIONS we are only too happy to help and you are far better off safe than sorry.

What do I do now?
Post up if you are interested in attending, you will be added to a list at the bottom of this post. Please indicate if you are confirmed or to be confirmed and how many people in your party.
Keep an eye on the thread so you are up to date on any changes.

NOTE: This event is being put on by members for members, 4x4Earth, Pure Yobbo, Walkabout and any members contributing are not liable in any way and cannot be held liable for anything in relation to the event.
By posting your attendance you are agreeing to be bound by the above statement and also agree that your personal safety is your own responsibility, you will actively maintain your own safety and that of the people around you.
When traveling off road in a group convoy procedures will be adhered to so please make sure you are familiar with them
Convoy procedures can be found here:

***There may be a disclaimer document requiring your details and signature – more on
this later.

1/ Stockton beach passes are being pre organised for people confirmed as attending, This said please PM your REGO and Arrival DAY/TIME through to me ASAP to make this an easy process.
2/ Camp UHF Channel is 17

People attending are:

Confirmed:............. People- Approx 85 inc kids ..............Vehicles - 30

Grey Ghost & Ghost Patrol with the fun sponges (kids)
Pure Yobbo & Family
Walkabout & raq1970 + Dog - Sam
KDA & partner
BGH - day tripping
Vitara94 & partner
SplitPin & Realwitchywife & family + Dog - Rose
Twinstacks and The Organiser
DazzGUVI & partner
Billolga - Bill & Olga
Jazzajess & family
RickGQ ( & family??)
Challengelee & the man/child
Blue4b & family
1 RED GU & Family + Dog - Gemma
Teza h & Mel
Duke & family
stressless & Partner
Disco3SE & family
Bertie ( +1 TBC)
Scodon & family
Nelso & partner
Big Rig & Pauly16
Sandy Sands
Cloughcarib & family, staying in brick cabin.
Black Bull - TBC on if car is repaired in time.
Plastered & Family

To be confirmed:

XQZME & family
China boof



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5th Annual Victorian Gathering member
me and the 2 kids will be coming as well (as much as they will grumble and complain about it)

Split pin

Active Member
Gordon Count me and reallywitchywife as well with Torii and Rose.Yes dogs are allowed on Stockton beach.

teza h

Well-Known Member
Hmmmmm, I'd like to meet some of you characters,,,,,put us down for a t b c.
Teza & Melissa.

Grey Ghost

5th Annual Victorian Gathering member
Well if Ghostpatrol is going, it looks like I am too (coz she needs me to put up the Jayco :D) I will also have a spare UHF handheld if it is needed by anyone.
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1st post updated, cheers guys.

Yes dogs are allowed on Stockton beach.

Yep had young Sam there a few weeks back and she had a ball :D, they are fine in State Forest also;).
I am holding off on until we see if they are allowed at the chosen camp spot, am hoping to find a site that has all we need including dogs allowed.

Big Rig

4x4 Earth Contributer
I gotta say Gordon, you really put some time and effort into your title post. Well done, you are to be congratulated.


4x4 Earth Contributer
Be good for the Vics to head up in a convoy, i will be making it a quik trip up and then straight back after the weekend.
I am having toooo much time off.
By the way won,t get much time to respond to anything for a couple of weeks.
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Pure Yobbo

Guys lets try and attempt to keep this thread informative and about the trip. Lets keep the off topic banter to a minium.

Thanks for your support in advance with this.




Sorry Gordon and Yobbo, have leave in August and October but can't make this one, have a great time.