Middle Earth Friday Morning Report



Things are going great at Middle Earth. The weather has been great. Yesterday afternoon we stocked up on firewood and had a nice warm fire last night.

Gilly turned up yesterday with his Johno's camper trailer. He was good enough to give everyone an impromptu demonstration on how to set up a camper trailer. The peanut gallery was all set for an extended demonstration of the difficulties of how to set up a Johno's camper trailer, but unfortunately Gilly had it set up in about 5 minutes, much to everyone's disappointment. :)

Viv11v arrived this morning and is now set up and we passed Grey Ghost this morning as we headed out to Raymond Terrace to fuel up.

Just for something a little different, you can track our trips in real time using the GPS in my phone. It will only update when we have phone signal,

Heading out tomorrow morning at about 08:30. For those arriving late, we will be on Channel 21. May be a little snow tomorrow, so that should add to the fun and then Stockton's on Sunday.

Will update a few photos tomorrow.




5th Annual Victorian Gathering member
Nice one guys! Now for the photos....

Hope you have a great time. 25mm rain here at home overnight.....



Sorry for the paucity of info. The updates are tapped out while Tina drives, because we have no comms at Ferndale Park. Wil send more through soon.



Real time Tracking, now that's interesting, but u shouldn't take it too the toilet with u James, just too much information.