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Mid-west Adventure

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by Karl Fehlauer, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. Karl Fehlauer

    Karl Fehlauer Well-Known Member

    SWMBO and I headed off for a quick week long trip through the mid-west region of WA, I haven't been out that way before so I was keen to have a look.

    Headed off on Friday 23 Sep 17 in the midst of a massive storm warning for the southern part of WA and the rain stayed with us until we reached Cunderdin and then cleared but the winds stayed and they were strong - gale force which was going to make setting a bit interesting.
    The first night's camp was at Baladje Rock near Bullfinch - an absolutely stunning place to camp but the winds were bad; however, we manged to get set up and stayed dry. There was only one other group of campers but we hardly noticed them.

    The second day we headed off early for Sandstone via the Evanston Bullfinch Rd before turning left onto the Lake Barlee Rd. The road conditions were excellent and we made good time arriving in Sandstone late that afternoon. Due to the weather we decided to stay at the Sandstone Caravan Park for two nights and explored the area from there.

    We then headed off to Cue but due to the weather (rain and strong winds) I decided to take the blacktop and go via Mount Magnet instead of the back roads that I originally wanted too. On arriving in Cue we had prebooked into the Caravan Park and setting up was a nightmare due to the gale force winds and it took us nearly an hour to get the awning up!!! Eventually we go it up and just in time as the rain hit but because the wind was so strong it blew the rain horizontally so we ended up getting wet anyway :(:(:(

    Spent two nights in Cue and visited the abandoned towns of Day Dawn and Big Bell as well as Walga Rock (2nd largest monolith in Aust) - what fantastic sites, especially Walga Rock with the ancient Aboriginal paintings including one of a sailing ship that is thought to be 300 - 400 years old. There are many theories surrounding this painting but to see it was amazing.

    From Cue we headed home overnighting in Dalwallinu and then into Rockingham where we were greeted with more heavy rains ;however, I didn't mind this as it helped to clean the mud off from underneath the Navara and Campertrailer.

    Overall it was a great rip despite the weather and I can highly recommend it and I can also highly recommend the Caravan Parks in Sandstone, Cue and Dalwallinu as they were some of the best I have ever stayed at. Next time when I do this trip I will do it a bit later in the year to miss the weather so we can bush camp.


    Campsite at Baladje Rock
    2017-09-23 - Landscape - 005-Pano-Edit.jpg
    Lunch stop on the Lake Barlee Rd
    2017-09-23 - Landscape - 025-Edit.jpg
    View from the air
    2017-09-23 - Drone - 002-Edit.jpg
    'London Bridge' at Sandstone
    2017-09-24 - Landscape - 029-Edit.jpg
    Abandoned buildings at the old 'State Battery' Sandstone 2017-09-24 - Landscape - 042-Pano-Edit.jpg
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  2. Karl Fehlauer

    Karl Fehlauer Well-Known Member

    Some more images - this time from around Cue.

    Great Fingal Mine Office building, Day Dawn
    2017-09-25 - Landscape - 064-Edit.jpg
    The old Day Dawn Hospital ruins
    2017-09-25 - Landscape - 065-Edit.jpg
    Big Bell Hotel
    2017-09-26 - Landscape - 084-Edit.jpg
    Old church, Big Bell
    2017-09-26 - Landscape - 077-Edit.jpg
    Police Station and Courthouse in Cue
    2017-09-26 - Landscape - 120-Edit.jpg
  3. Karl Fehlauer

    Karl Fehlauer Well-Known Member

    Last lot - this time from Walga Rock.

    Ship painting
    2017-09-26 - Landscape - 097-Edit.jpg
    Rock art
    2017-09-26 - Landscape - 101-Pano-Edit.jpg
    Walga Rock - this is where the rock art gallery is 2017-09-26 - Landscape - 091-Pano-Edit.jpg
    2017-09-26 - Landscape - 117-Edit.jpg
    Another large granite rock to the south of Walga Rock
    2017-09-26 - Landscape - 115-Edit.jpg
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  4. ShaunOz

    ShaunOz Active Member

    Stunning Karl.
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    BIGCOL Well-Known Member

    Great stuff, brought back some great memories of the time I visited those spots.

    Thanks for posting.

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  6. Karl Fehlauer

    Karl Fehlauer Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the likes everyone :D
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  7. Aaron Schubert

    Aaron Schubert Moderator

    Nice trip mate. Haven't spent much time out that way - looks great

  8. Karl Fehlauer

    Karl Fehlauer Well-Known Member

    It is a great place - probably even better if the weather was fine o_O
    Hope to get out that way alot more in the near future.
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  9. sharkcaver

    sharkcaver Well-Known Member


    I will have to get young Leo out there some time - you should discuss this with him......! Problem being, from now on, isn't the time. It certainly wasn't a good long weekend down here weather wise and I'm glad I worked now..

    In regards to the ship at Walga, I came across this today:

    and its link:

    I have a mate at work totally gobsmacked at some of these early stories. it all started when he looked into an supposed dutch inscription left at ocean reef and morphed into a review of all the history and stories of these early European/Indigenous matings/encounters. It certainly is fascinating.
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  10. Karl Fehlauer

    Karl Fehlauer Well-Known Member

    Does Leo even know how to go off road and engage 4WD :D:D
    That was a good video clip - makes you wonder what happened to them and all the others shipwrecked along our shoreline as there were many ships that never completed their journey.

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