Merricumbene F/T Closure- Deua National Park


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Just heard that Merricumbene FT is closed due to some turds damaging the track after the recent rains:mad: See the statement from the NPWS below.

Access - Deua National Park
Dry Creek, Oulla Creek and Merricumbene trails in Deua National Park are closed due to unsafe road conditions and sections of the trails that have become impassable. This closure is a direct result of illegal use of these trails following recent flooding rains and drivers ignoring the ‘road closed’ signage.

Here's the link: Deua National Park | NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
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What a shame. Turds all right.
That track takes a day to drive in dry. Why would you go around closed signs in wet. It's a real shame just a small group give us all a bad name.


Yep, some people just don't care. I'll be over there next week and was lookin forward to driving into bendethra that way. Oh well.