Melbourne Cup Sweep? Never ever again.


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Yep, I never punt on the G'Gs, ever.
However, went to a neighbour's cup day drinkies and they ran a sweep.
Yep, my horse was Admire Rakti and wondered why he was carrying on and not wanting to get into the start stall. Also wondered why he was up in the lead during the race and dropped away quickly to finish last. Poor Bugger, collapsed and died in the stalls after the race.
While reading the story I also read that another horse, Araldo, was put down because he broke a leg after the race. He apparently kicked out when he got spooked by someone waving an Australian flag as he came back through the mounting yard and his rear leg caught in the fence.Poor bugger.
The guts of it for me was that I had two horses in the sweep. Yep, you guessed it, my second horse was Araldo.
Now, I am not sure how to take this. At first I got a bit shakey, then I thought, who cares, who will believe this, should I seek help, what will my mates say, should I go back to bed, should I stay inside today, should I buy a tattslotto ticket, should I go find the Chinaman I ran over, should I have posted this story in the R U OK thread, should I stop typing, should I wake my missus up and tell her, should I go out and put a bet on ( something I don't know how to do).
Then I thought I would turn to my mates ( if I have any) on this forum
Please help me with some ideas as to how I shall get through this.
P.S. Not making light of the sad events as I have had a lot to do with horses, but I am trying to keep my spirits up.


... Please help me with some ideas as to how I shall get through this.

Go for a drive mate! Clear your head and leave the Chinamen alone.

Lucky it was you who got those two horses. It could have been someone who didn't give a sh!t.


Go and find somewhere to engage those lockers today mate,, take a nice lunch with ya and feeeel the serenity somewhere nice.
Certinly has nothing to do with you that those horses passed on mate and there would be plenty of people around the country that ended up with or backed those 2 horses yesterday, just a couple of unfortunate incidents at Australia's greatest horse race.

Go and enjoy the day somewhere mate.


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As sad as it is, I think of it like this:

They would have lived an amazing life, They probably traveled further than me, ate better than me and there was always someone around to show them love and get the most out of them.

It like when you hear about a funeral of pilot, and your hear they died doing what they loved. I feel sorry for those that today don't have the horse they spent hours giving training, grooming and caring for to make a truly top race horse.

Just have a chat with the wife and the ones you love and get it off your chest. bad things happen, and that's just life.

Les PK Ranger

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Condolences Rog, that is plain bad luck all right, especially for the animals.
I can imagine how you must have felt.

Agree, go for a drive with a mate, stop at a pub for a countery, have a couple of slow beers.
Make sure you're out of sight of any races on the tele, and whatever you do, don't place any bets.


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Relax my wife has horses to ride. I know I come second to them if you get my drift. We had had one that has been the lawn mover for the last 10 years and earlier this year had a heart attack and died... It's just like humans time catches up no mater what you do etc. Although I do feel bad for the owners of both...

I also had bets on these two.:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

As per the other advice, clear the head & don't worry about. If the animal LIBBERS are keen to stop horse riding let them look after all the horses in the way they are accustomed, I bet they'll back out real quick.