Melbourne Club suggestions


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Hi guys,

I'm relatively new to Melbourne so don't have any friends here with 4WD's yet so it would be awesome to meet some others to go on trips with so I'm not worried about getting bogged with no recovery options other than waiting for someone else to stumble upon me.

Been looking at possibly joining a club but having a few doubts/questions:
1. Are there any that cater to the inner melbourne area? I live in Richmond and it would be awesome if I didn't have to drive for 40+ minutes to get to a meeting
2. Are there any with a younger member base? I'm 23 and I don't mind too much, but generally it's easier when you are closer in age with the people you go camping with haha

Cheers guys!


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Race 5 ...No.2.:D
You need glasses @Bomber2012 or maybe you have had too many glasses!:D (Although I may take a note of your tip)

@tommyb around here it's a matter of how old you are in the head that counts. One suggestion I have is to check out the Trips section with an easy one on this Forum being the Victorian Annual here:-
The NSW Crew (Us) will be heading down as usual that way, the hard way I hope & you maybe unfortunate enough to meet us.:cool:


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I think your already are a member of a club ..... this one ..
As billolga said above look on the trip section, join in on a trip or even a day run .
You will meet some interesting characters along the way .... but its all about getting out there .


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Sorry mate, don't know much about Victorian clubs, the link might help. However, I do think you'll struggle to find a club with a young membership base. My experience, you're looking at an average of 40's and up, well up, if you know what I mean? Sometimes in clubs there's a group of members kids in your age bracket that start doing trips together, you need to talk to them. Clubs are good to join for the training but my advice, don't go to meetings, just do trips and training.