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Melb Cup Week trip to Vic High Country

Discussion in 'Victoria' started by megahertz, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. megahertz

    megahertz New Member

    I am in the process of planning a trip with half a dozen mates to the Vic High Country for the whole week of Melb Cup.
    Some of us have done 4x4 tracks before out at Wombat/Leuderderg over in the west. We have some degree of experience, but not a whole lot.
    We have a guy coming with us who is very new to 4w driving.
    Looking to do some tracks and trips around Walhalla, to Dargo and we are looking to finish in Bright the following weekend (11-12th Nov)
    Looking to check out points of interest like mines, huts etc.
    We would like to tackle Billy Goats or Blue Rag but unsure on how the inexperienced bloke would go.
    Vehicles are Ranger, D-Max, Hilux, Colorado and BT-50. Only a couple of us have snorkels and only one has a winch.
    Most vehicles are stock with AT tires.

    Any advice on what to do and where to go would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Swaggie

    Swaggie Moderator

    Hi Mate
    Just be aware that a lot of areas your driving only about 10kms per hour in low 4wd , The High Country is very large. Being in convoy slows things down a bit also, I'd also suggest you drop your AT to about 25psi maybe 20-18 psi if raining maybe less I usually use 16-18psi on my MT in the dry...

    Buy Rooftop Maps of the areas, if there not laminated Offieworks do it.... They contain info about mines, huts etc..

    Have a great trip...
  3. RBJET

    RBJET Active Member

    You'll be able to drive from Dargo to Bright in those vehicles easily within a week.
    I've done it in a standardish Prado in 3 days.
    The main issue you'll have is river crossings as some are very deep Cup weekend and you'll struggle without a snorkel.
    Billy Goats and Blue Rag are no issue for a standard 4WD. They're just steep.
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  4. Bomber2012

    Bomber2012 Well-Known Member

    As the boys above have mentioned......... , I drove from Walhalla to Dargo 2 weeks ago and all the tracks were in good nick , only problem with Billy Goats is the traffic so driving it during the week will be easier than putting up with traffic on the week ends . Only other issue was the dust , Tambortha rd was the worst dust I've seen in ages so be aware of that and put a bit of space in between the vehicles . Rivers were all still low but that could change if we have rain in the next few weeks .
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  5. phs

    phs Well-Known Member

    A lot of people ride the dust wake from the car infront , it has always got me thinking why lol.

    You should be right as mentioned a lot is do able in a fairly stock 4wd, correct Tyre pressures are ultimately the key and Take your time No need to rush

    All the best look forward to seeing a trip report
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  6. Sean Logue

    Sean Logue Member

    The Dargo High Plains road may be still closed if you decided to go that way to Blu Rag. I called the Alpine Shire weekend just gone, they said could be closed until mid November because of all the damage from the massive snow dump this year and other tracks. Take more then one chainsaw.
    I,m so dying to go down Blu Rag , never been.
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  7. megahertz

    megahertz New Member

    Thanks everyone for the input. Looking forward to a good week away from the office!
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  8. Spooner

    Spooner Well-Known Member

    Have fun mate , should be great :)
  9. ToyPrado

    ToyPrado Active Member

    Definitely need radios and at least one chain saw etc. Just talk the inexperience guy through any obstacles etc
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  10. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    Talk to ParksVic or check their website for closures. A number of Alpine tracks are scheduled to open 2/11 but may not as it was a very wet winter.
    There's tree clearing going on at the moment.
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  11. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

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