Mawbanna to Montumanna - Tas


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I was just checking out some of the tracks near me and I thought I'd try this one first.
I am thinking of looking for it this weekend. I was wondering if any locals know this area and what to expect.

Anyone is welcomed to come along, I'm not doing it for certain though. Its just close by, so if I get a free (half day) I may just head off

The track is at -
4x4 Earth Australia for 4WD Tracks

Cheers, Bumpty


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I went through that way earlier in the year and found it to be quite easy and relaxing as
4x4ing goes. I take it that the locals have named some of the tracks eg: "Russells track" and "Jeffs track" because most of the tracks were sign posted.

The only thing you need to be careful of are the odd driver (whether they are locals or not) coming the other way on some of the blind corners.
I nearly found myself over an embankment and into a forest because the other driver was on my side of the road.

All in all had a great time up that neck of the woods (excuse pun)

How about getting down to Montezuma falls track. If it's not closed for some reason it makes a good 4x4 outing.


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Cheers, Vossy.
I went up today, as I had some time on my hands. Didn't see one car actually...
I found the road which I'm guessing leads to the tracks, but it has a private property sign which looks faded and old, so I ignored that and continued on my way off the main road. and came to a big f off yellow gate (which is padlocked). So no more entry to these tracks anymore, unless you have a bolt cutter.


Looking off the main road, take the left in the picture (coming from wynyard way)

And the gate across the road, about 350m up the road...


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I went to Dip falls from the main road and from there drove onto montumanna via the dirt. While on this road I did some of the track exploring.
As you head back out of Dip falls you should see a sign to the right that says Montumanna. This is the road I took.
Hope this helps