Massive 4x4 noob


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Hi guys,

As you have probably suspected, I am completely new to the 4x4 off-road world and am trying to do my research before diving in and having a go.

I plan to do a trip around our great nation and don't want to be limited to just the main and dirt roads.

I like the idea of the older 80 series land cruisers but the more I look the more I feel that finding one that's fairly priced and in good order is a fantasy dream.

This is where I really need some help as I am starting to look at less conventional makes and models to get a gauge on where the value for money and reliability sweet spot currently sits.

In advance, I make no excuses for the dumb questions you may see me asking across this forum...I assure you I am not trolling, I really am just starting out.


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feel free to start out. always carry spare fuel, get yourself a offline gps navigator with track marks like a garmin overlander or apps on an ipad(and a emergency paper map). and 2 inch lifts come recomended if there in your budget, but a uhf cb radio and good AT/MT tyres are more important.


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Welcome, first thing to remember is that there are no dumb questions, if unsure always ask it could mean your survival in extreme cases.
As you will become aware everybody will recommend a particular fourbie because of their affiliation with that particular vehicle others have had a bad experience with another and some just like to stir the pot for entertainment value. I have operated a variety of vehicles as ex military and a trainer assessor in the mining industry I have owned a 1986 dual cab which was bare bones but as reliable as hell but rough as guts. I owned a 96 Nissan patrol 2.8 TD for 16 years and in all that time I replaced one set of lifters (under warranty) and an air con compressor. I have a 4.7 WJ Grand Cherokee as a beach basher and I love it, as a V8 I get 11's on the highway and up to 25 per hundred depending on pedal position on the beach, one thing to remember with these Jeeps is to only use quality parts if you buy to a budget not to a quality you will come unstuck. I currently own a 2013 WK2 Jeep GC 3.0 litre TD 5 speed auto get high 8's on the highway 10's to 13's off road beach work and it's comfortable. Once again I put myself at risk of being bombarded from Jeep knockers most of who have never sat behind the wheel of one just listen to the experts. As I am ex Army have done my fair share of off road operating and over the years I have found that most vehicles have strong points along with the weak, It comes down to what you need it for don't rush a purchase and get them checked out before you part with your hard earned cash. when travelling I always have a constant supply of drinking water an Epirb ( I can't begin to push this item enough) GPS or /and sat phone, UHF radio, paper maps good quality tyres and If travelling outback It pays to notify the Police in the outback towns of your intentions and routes this way if something goes array they will have a start point to start a search . Of cause you will need a supply of spares for on road repairs. I hope I'm not talking down to you as I don't know your level of experience. If you need any advise at all I'm sure their will be a lot of good people who will point you in the right direction take it all in and weed out the unnecessary.
once again welcome and all the best in your travels


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Start by thinking where you want to go. There aren't many places you can't reach in a dual cab with 32 inch tyres and a 1-2 inch lift. Sure you can go to 33" tyres if you want. But not essential.

When I started looking for a 4wd I was thinking Prado or Pajero and toyed with a 105 series cruiser. The other vehicles were more relaxing to drive long distances on sealed or graded dirt roads than the cruiser. Which is where you spend a chunk of your time getting to where your going.

For me a dual cab diesel ute met all of my needs as a tourer. So that is what I have. I have an old commodore as a daily drive, so I have 33" tyres, a 2 " lift and have fitted out the tub for camping. Remember if this vehicle is your daily drive the more offroad focused changes you make the less suited it will be to driving around the suburbs.