Maree to Coober Pedy planning


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Trip has expanded somewhat, now looking at a big loop from Adelaide through Marree and Coober Pedy before Gawler ranges. Please offer your opinions on;

We will have 5 nights/6 days to get to Kingoonya. Rough plan is
1. Somewhere vaguely near Parachilna, maybe Brachina.
2. Marree? Anything actually worth stopping for?
3. Coward Springs
4. Painted Desert/Arckaringa station
5. Coober Pedy

The unknowns for me are;
What is an expected travel time Coward Springs to Ackaringa? And Ackaringa to Coober Pedy?
Is there any reason to stop between Parachilna and Coward Springs or is that easy in a day with plenty of stops?
One vehicle will be towing a camper, another is a BMW X3 are any of the roads going to cause them trouble?

After any tips on what to see in these areas that could easily be overlooked.
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Parachilna to Coward is pretty easy to do in a day but is a decent drive and some good stuff to look at along the way.
Farina is great to look at, can easily loose a few hours looking around - depending when your going bakery might be open and is brilliant.
Sculpture park just past Marree is worth a look and the multiple old rail sidings etc along the track

Coward to Ackaringa would be good in a day with stops but would be a solid day again

Ackaringa to CP is a pretty easy couple of hours, normally a well graded road for the most part

BMW X3 would be capable but tyres could very well cause issues as im guessing it will have fairly low profile highway tyres.
Oodnadatta track can be a super smooth highway in parts but a bolder field just around the corner, all depends where the graders are.
Lower your tyre pressures to dirt pressures will help but might not be an option on the X3 with low profile tyres.

My trip report from last year covers Lyndhurst to William creek with some of the stuff you can see etc

and this one covers coward to CP to Mt ive


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Thanks, have read those, good info and great photos, they're kinda what inspired this ever growing trip plan. Extra info much appreciated.

We're going Easter/Anzac Day week so no bakery, not that I can digest this modern grown wheat anymore :(


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We rarely stay at Marree but always stop there for a drink or feed at the bakery. Farina is only about 30k down the road and a nice camp spot or a must do stop anyway.
I was speaking to the owner of Coward Springs last time I was there and he has a nice crop of date palms he planted about 30 years ago, he tells me he is the only holder of an irrigation licence in SA