Man dies when car drifts out to sea


From auntie ABC

A man has died after his car drifted out to sea.

Police say the four-wheel-drive got stuck in sand about 8:30pm ACDT on Sunday at the Murray mouth at Goolwa, south of Adelaide.

Witnesses said the vehicle was being driven along the beach earlier.

The current dragged the submerged four-wheel-drive into deeper water.

South Australian police divers recovered the victim's body and the car in the early hours of Monday morning.

:eek: why didn't he get out? How long does it take for a car to be dragged out to sea?


I heard on the radio this morning he drove into the water, so maybe he didnt want to get out;)


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I saw on the news earlier, they think he might have had a heart attack, hence driving into the water.


What type of car was it? If it was one of the new Hilux, apparently they get washed back up and can just drive away, so at least that won't be a total loss. Apart from it being a Toyota Hilux, of course........


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60 series, dog got out. Bloke died obviously heard rumours of diabetes and heart attack also mental problems so unsure. believe he was 55ish


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Yeah that's a strange one. Maybe he did it on purpose.... Never know what's goin through some people's head.