Man dies in car rollover at Hallston


A 21-year-old man has died after the car he was driving rolled on a private property in the state’s south-east this morning.

A police spokesperson said the man was driving a 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser tray utility up a steep dirt slope on a property on Leongatha-Yarragon Road about 1.40am when the vehicle stalled causing him to lose control.

It is believed the vehicle rolled while the driver was attempting to navigate off the slope.

The driver, from Leongatha, died at the scene while a passenger from the vehicle who was not in the car at the time, was not injured.

This area is a regular gathering place for the purpose of four-wheel-drive and off-road motor cycle riding.

Police are investigating the incident and will prepare a report for the Coroner.


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Thats not far from where we are! I'm not sure of the property he was on but i know the road it's on. Poor bugger. Condolences to the family.


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very sad to hear condolences to all close to him but ye 01:40AM ?? and on private property ?? makes one wounder if there isnot some sort of park down that way :( :eek:


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Not a park, it will just be at a mates place I'd say. 1:40am, one would think there may be some liquid involved but hasn't anyone done a night run before?? They could have been spotlighting as well, who knows? If there was alcohol involved it will come out in the news. Once again, condolences to the families affected.


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Very sad, but poses the question was he buggerising about at that time of night, a vehicle stalling on a side slope will not cause a roll over, and if it did would only be a gentle one.


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this happened just down the road from me and it was on a friends place. it is a meeting place for young drunks to hoon around in there cars. the person who was crushed by the car was a local. they are not in any way 4WD people and the incline that the person went up is barely negotionable by bike. unfortunatley it is just kids acting like idiots. this is the second death in the area in the last six months caused by these young kids and would pray they would stop it before they kill an innocent life.


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Rip We Really Miss You

yeah its very sad but these guys were off public roads and doing there thing legally nathan is a good friend of mine and experienced in all fields!!! thankyou to everyone who cares we really appreciate it... :confused: