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Maj the Paj is for sale

Discussion in 'Vehicles 4 Sale' started by Chatty, Aug 3, 2018.

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    Chatty Well-Known Member

    A lot of you on here will know me already, I'm Maj the Paj and I am a keen Earther.
    Anyway, a few weeks ago Mum said "I'm thinking of a new caravan, but I want to go bigger" to which Dad "That would mean having to buy a new vehicle and we can't afford it, so no way is it going to happen".
    So, a few days later Dad said "If I agree to buying a new caravan and a new car, can I stop sleeping in Maj?" and Mum smiled very sweetly and said "Why, yes of course you can". The bitch :(
    So now I'm up for sale just so Mum can have her new caravan. Mind you, I have had my revenge, I chucked that timing chain to the winds last week, so now Mum and Dad have had to put a lower mileage engine in me. So while my odometer says 255,000km, my engine only has 160,000km on it. And I do look good for my age. ;)

    Those of you who know me know exactly how well built I am ;) but for those that don't know, here's a list of all the goodies I come with:
    • NS Pajero Exceed (June 2008 build)
    • 255,000km on my clock, but only 160,000km on my engine
    • DP Chip adjustable performance chip
    • Fuel Manager 30 micron primary fuel filter (just replaced) with clear water trap (and my OEM 1 micron fuel filter was replaced at my last service too)
    • Dual battery
    • TJM bull bar with 9,000lb TJM winch (synthetic rope)
    • TJM/Airtek snorkel
    • LED light bar
    • LED daytime running lights
    • Clearview towing mirrors (OEM mirrors are also supplied)
    • Weathershields both front doors
    • Tinted glass all round
    • Rhino roof racks with full length Pioneer tray (the one with sides) with canvas gear sack (which has a couple of broken straps)
    • Foxwing awning with one wall
    • 120W solar panel on the tray, hinged with supports to adjust the elevation, feeding a controller on the auxiliary battery
    • 17" alloy wheels (replaced the 18" factory wheels which incidentally means my speedo is now within 2% accuracy)
    • Cooper ST Maxx tyres with about 20,000km left on them
    • Redarc TowPro Elite electric brake controller
    • Leather, heated seats (with nice fluffy sheepskin covers too!)
    • GME 80 channel CB with long and short antennas
    • Auxiliary power outlets (12V and USB) under my dash
    • Factory head unit replaced with a Kenwood DNX5350BT dual DIN stereo/DVD player with navigation (and remote control) - still running through the Rockford sound system with a massive subwoofer
    • Factory rear entertainment DVD player (rood mounted) with wireless headphones and remote control
    • Custom made aluminium drawers (x3) and fridge compartment (with slide) in my cargo area - all with 250kg+ drawer slides (Dad uses the drawers as a ladder to get on the roof and if you've met my Dad, then you know those drawers must be strong)
    • All interior lighting has been replaced with LED globes - it's really, really bright
    • 70 litre under floor stainless steel water tank with B.E.S.T. water filter for filling and caravan pressure pump for emptying - with brass hose fittings on everything (Dad hates kids, so he took out the third row seats to fit this)
    • 55 litre Long Ranger fuel tank (which means I can now carry 140 litres of fuel which is more than enough to cross the Simpson)
    • 3,000kg rated towbar - Dad had an engineer check me over and he uprated my towing capacity to 3,000kg (just like the NT and later models) with a GCM of 6,030kg and fully plated and certified by Transport SA
    • Three year old TJM heavy duty suspension with progressive rate springs and new shockers (I ride like a dream now)
    • PolyAir air bags in the rear springs (a girl doesn't want a saggy butt you know)
    Like any girl my age, I have a couple of minor dents - one in my front right mudguard (thanks Saunders Gorge!) and one in my back door (no idea who hit me, but if I catch the basket who did it :mad:) and a couple of holes in my headlining, but otherwise I'm straight and clean.

    All this means I'm ready to go bush tomorrow.

    So, I can hear you asking how much for a sweet girl like me? Well, Dad has me advertised elsewhere for $21,500, but I know he would sell me to an Earther for $20,000 - which I think is a bargain for a lady with my pedigree :D

    So why don't you and I get better acquainted and this girl can show you a good time :p If you know what I mean ;)

    Here's some photos Dad took of me today...
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