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so my mate is starting a trailer hire busines and i though i would put it out there for 4x4 guys to use as well this is from his forum.

howz it going, my names Dave and im currently starting a Trailer hire/car accessories business to help out evryone thats always looking for a car trailer to hire and wanting greats deals along the way.... trailers are currently being built so updates on when they will be ready to hire will go up straight away.

im originally from whyalla and i used to deals car parts for sometime down there, i also used to help run the westlakes motoquipe for about a year...
so with being into cars for many years now i have also decided to get hold of a few suppliers and deal in car parts/accessories again just to help people out and coz its a love of mine.

again al updates will be posted once all settled and ready, so keep an eye on the MAD Automotive thread.

Cheers Dave

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cheers guys/gals spread the word and suss the forum out too