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Your looking at 2 tyres at different ends of the price and quality scale. MT are strong, reliable and can be $$. Maxxis are much cheaper but strength is not on the same level. Do your sums, as we have, and Maxxis a good thing. You can probably destroy 2 tyres and still be in front. (other than the inconvenience!!)


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Have'nt busted one in AGES!!!!!:)

I keep tellin yous lot, they simply "relocate themselves to a different section of the rim!!":rolleyes:

That's what happens with VERY low pressures and shows the beauty of 3 ply walls.:cool: STRONG!! A maxxis MAY not have survived such abuse.:confused:

:DYour so immature Grumpy!:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:


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I know a bloke who's gone to MICKEY THOMPSON.;)

:DHe's become all SOFT and DELICATE!! "I can't go up there, I might get my tyres dirty!!":rolleyes::rolleyes:
Thanks so far...

I just started to plan my "upgrade" - so it will be in the end of July...
I got some quotes from both types... now the funny one...
I was going for the Mickey Thomson Baja Claw and for the Maxxis M8080 Mudzilla
Both in the size 33*12.5*15
6 Tyres and Sunrayser rims
The MT Dealer: each Rim 90,- each MT 315,-
The Max Dealer: each Rim 75,- each Maxx 347,-

After reading your comments i’m surely going with that Mickey Thomson...
Sounds maybe wired – but I liked the MT Rubber more anyway ;o)

PS: Don't worry - i'm not fuzzy to get anything dirty *lol*


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4wd Action No. 134 has some good comparisons on Mud tyres. Maxxis - Bighorns, the MT Baja MTZ and Claws are compared
yea thanks mate - thats where i went from....
i like the general shape of the claw profile - so i was trying to find some simular things - at least till now i couldn't find anything bad about the MT - i just discovert the Maxxis got some bad user ratings on wet roads... i think i'm getting there ;o)


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If your talkin Mudzillas and claws, thats a different kettle of fish again. Prices and quality are comparitable. I was actually refering to radials as compared to larger floaties.

I am surprised at the Mickey's being cheaper.


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Just a quick note, even though these ones were not brought up at all
BFG M/T could be an option , i have just rigged a set up and tested them in some serious terrain .
Awsome tyre , and were rated No 1 in the 4WD Action tyre test Vol 14 i think it was.
(ps . i know the conversation was Maxxix or M Thomson , but for off road and on road , wet or dry ,BFG are all good).
Ta mate...
Yea as I said - I took this test as a kind of a referece... had a look at all tyres and the claw is the shape i like... the BFG would be my second choice... the Maxxis where suggested by a Tyre dealer... he was a kind of praying it on... the best ever and things like that... I was a little thinking about that and then I found a view people complaining about the Maxxis on wet roads.... - so the game will run that way 1.MT- Baja Claw 2. MT- Baja MTZ 3.BFG...
as I said before - i get 6 on rims - to have a proper set and my old 235 federal A/T (including alloy rims) will go to my garage and wait for getting them onto a light trayler...
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Tom, I'de continue to run the road tyres for daily driving. M/T's wear VERY quickly. I run BFG M/T 255/85x16. On before I go, off when I get back. And seriously consider the BFG's. I've run for years!! (on and off the rim!) Almost indestructable!!


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The muds I ran were BFG's, and they weren't too bad on the road either. Have to
remember that it's a 4x4, not a race car here.;) From what a mate that has run both BFG
and MT mtz's says, the Mickeys are far better on the road, but not quite as good in the
slop. The BF's will give a good mile compared to the mickey's as well.:cool: The only person
I've spoken too that had claws said they were not really that good:confused:
I'm just looking around now for a new set myself, will be either Bf or MT mtz's if I go
straight muddy.
Having said that, I saw a set of Maxxis Bighorns the other month for about $240 a tyre:eek:


I use mickey thompson baja MTZ with side gripper 305/65/17 on my patrol they great and not to
much road noise. Which is great when the kids are asleep.
they cost me about $400 each or for 265/70/17 $360
hope i was some help to you. thanks mate enjoy......................
Thank you guys for all that input...
can anyone define "wear quick" - maybe in K's ???
would be nice... in my way - they should run about 12 month min. lets say 10000 to 15000 k's on mixed terrain... does anyone now some numbers ???


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You could be looking at 20k to 40k. Depending on how harsh you are with them. The bituman driving does more damage than the offroading, generally.

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Thank you guys for all that input...
can anyone define "wear quick" - maybe in K's ???
would be nice... in my way - they should run about 12 month min. lets say 10000 to 15000 k's on mixed terrain... does anyone now some numbers ???

I just put a set of Mickey Thompson ATZ 4 ribs. quite an agressive AT and from the reaserch I completed about 80000km

V8 4runner

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what vehicle are the new tyres for Tom ?
the claws have a tendancy to slip sideways on you when you least expect it.
do you really need a mud tyre, hoe aggresive is your driving ?
I run yokoham A/T as the daily set, and silverstone extreme's for the play days.. not really all that expensive and experience shows me personally, that they out perform the claws every trip, keeping in mind here that I am refering to the same type of vehilcles running different tyres.

and one last thing Tom, will the 12.5 's fit with no scrubbing at full lock AND full articulation

ok - thats a point I din't think about to much... as the MT Claw are build - there is a good chance to slide sideways.... the Tyres should go on a Pajero NL (1999- model 2000) the space should be fine after a 2 inch body lift and 2 inch on springs and torsion bar.... under that aspect I should really consider to take the MT MTZ or at least the BFG... I'm currently running on Federal A/Ts - they are not bad - they just suck in the mud... (close to uncontroleable) and the Federal A/T seem to be not bad either - but not really cheaper than the big brands I'm a bit worried to take them.... I like to have a really agrassive Tyre - with a good amount of side protection... I watched a little group of Patrols running on the Claws (at stockton beach) and they looked like they where flying/floating over the dunes.... that was the impression that made me think about them....