Low charge solar panel when caravan is in storage

What options has been used to keep a caravan lithium battery on charge whilst the caravan cover is on, i Was thinking of a small 10 - 25 watt panel that doesn’t need a solar regulator


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I know Diddley Squat about lithium, but one thing I do know is never leave a lithium on charge full time.

the second option is monitor the charge time Like a Hawk
25 watt gives you just under 2amp yet i thought lithium can handle four million pixes up their butt?

i only posted here to hear my own voice, i'm sure everyone be along soon to tell me i'm wrong, funny signatures do that


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Lithium batteries don’t like being stored fully charged and they don’t like being trickle charged with no load. Well that is what I have read. I only put mine on charge every now and then or if I’m heading off per the instructions I got.


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A good quality lithium charge system will have a soft charge storage setting, I leave my van with the storage setting and the cover on while not in use and never had an issue except for when we were locked down and the van didn’t get used for 12 months , when I took the cover off and checked everything I realised I had forgotten to put it in storage mode and the batteries had completely drained and shut themselves down, the DC-DC system then wouldn’t recognise the batteries and recharge them so I had to connect a solar panel directly and bypass the Redarc unit to get a charge back into the batteries to get a small amount of voltage which worked and recharged with no issues