Lorella springs/ Rosie creek

G'day guys,

Planning a trip to rosie creek fishing camp/ lorella spring station in may 2014 and am after some info on track conditions and any other info you want to give from people that have been into the camp!

Will be towing a boat and plan on spending a couple of weeks in there.




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Hi mate two handy references first 4wd-action featured a trip there in the last 6 months its on DVD. The other one and probably what you are going to get the most benefit from is the all 4 adventure crew who were on tv just the other day in relation to this very spot and did a very detailed DVD on the location.
Station owner was on there as well. They have a website featuring there DVDs this


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It's the most recent series across the top to cape York etc...you will work it out. The fishing looks amazing as does the area, very very remote.
Was up there last year in May and the track was good. Meet a guy that towed a roof top tinny on a camper trailer with a Navara no worries.
We were there last May also & were there when those Muppetts rolled their ute snatching the 200 out... stupidity really...

Anyway Rhett the Owner will have the track cleared etc you will have no issues this late in the season but log onto Lorella Springs website & phone them thats the single best way to find out.
It will not be a problem & i would tow a boat in there with no problems in the dry.