Lorella Springs closed


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Rhett has posted on social media that the red tape involved in keeping the front gate open has overrun his love of doing it and they will not reopen for the 2023 season. Sad to hear. I never got there but it was on my to do list for sure.


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Was a great spot, been quite a few times. I'd love to know the whole story. While back there was a big push on land title and then on top of that laws and regulations.
Lorrella Springs also over the years has slowly been building up to a more "natural" approach. Something l would consider like a National Park, not what I consider good for remote camping.


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A shame to hear this as was a great place.
I have to say though that I was surprised he was able to run it with the carefree attitude he has given the litigious and rules of modern society
The basic rules were don‘t block a track by setting up camping on it, catch and release any fish you werent going to eat that day and not much else.
I don’t know how he got insurance for the property with so little structure which was probably what I liked about it the best