Loose Nuts Weekend Jaunt


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A weekend away on the 24th,25th ,& 26th October 2008 or just the Sunday 26th for a run through the Toolangi State forest.

If coming for the weekend we are staying at Stevo’s farm at Yea on Friday and Saturday nights and doing day trips to the forest.

Stevo’s farm is at 528 Ghin Ghin Road Yea.

Travel to Yea from Yarra Glen, turn left onto the Yea to Seymore Road at Yea.

Travel approx 3Km towards Seymore to Ghin Ghin Road on right.

Turn right into Ghin Ghin Road and travel another 5.4 Km to second gate on right to farm entrance.

We will have a Loosenuts sign up at the gate. Travel through gate and up the hill to the sheds.

If only coming for Sunday trip we will all meet at the Glenburn Road House/ Service Station on the Yarra Glen – Yea road at 9.00am for a day in the forest before heading home.

You will need to bring your own food and camping equipment.

If you are coming please return email ASAP so we know who to expect.

Hope to see you all,


Rob Finley(Fleety)

Ph: 03 9553 4000 Fax: 03 9553 4111

Email: frdrobf@pacific.net.au


Hey Bushnut, do you know what tracks you will be doing or what rating?

Cheers Rossco


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Hi Rossco,

No it was only posted today, I'm not organising it , I give you Royboy's ( Roy Dearing )phone number, he will have more of an idea, day time it is 1800331724 .

I usually go tail end charlie on these things, pick up the bits that drop off Toyotas and Discoveries .


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Hi Bushnut

I will Be in the area satday night and sunday may see you around there.

hi Neilo,

Do you know Bill Green , John Green and Malcolm Green ?They are shotgun club members down there, Rellies in law of mine, Bill and Malcolm live along Inlet road out from Bena . :confused:


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No dont know them of them

But i do know of the shot gun club and Inlet road at bena it is about 10Mins from my place.