Looking to buy this kit. anyone know someone who sells them?


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Want to replace my rear windows with this setup as it works perfectly for my needs. Had no luck via google and hoping someone here can lead me down the right path.




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That looks fantastic, I may just send them off an email asking about the 200 series, apparently they have them under development, reckon their on a winner there



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The 200 is the smallest window we have done so far but it is coming along slowly, need to work out the implications of the side curtain airbags though as we have not encountered this in any of our other models.


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Awesome looking kit, couldn't believe they are available for the old 60, ive been thinking for a long time how cool it would be to access the rear through side windows that lift up, bit beyond my budget at the moment but ive saved the details, been a while since I bought a lotto ticket, mmm, I think the last time was when I viewed the old remanufactured chevy 4x4 trucks somewhere on 4x4 earth.


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Good luck Ian with the lotto ticket buddy. When ya win mate, you will have enough for both our cars :)
I will shout ya lunch.