Looking to buy a new JK Rubicon


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No brainer Id take a 70 over the Jeep any day , bloke i know bought a new soft top Jeep about 6-7 years ago and sold it after 3 months , said it was noisy AF (probably should be expected with a soft top) and had bad leaks .

I'm with you, if I wanted a car of that sort at that price point it wouldn't be a jeep.

In my most recent enquiry the jk sport unlimited diesel (base model 4 door) was $67k before options.... This ute will possibly be pitched against the cruiser and not dual cab utes.


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That's the sort of thing I would like to have but it will be 90 grand or something beyond the joke, I think most people in the market for that kind of vehicle probably end up buying a Land Cruiser Ute.
Thats exactly what I'm doing next , despite its cost It will see me out.


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HI I am on my 3rd Jeep, in the US 4 wheelers going wheeling in Jeeps they all have Jeep Wranglers. mostly Rubicons, Even experts like Ronny Dahl and Andrew St Pierre-White will tell you the Wrangler is an excellent offroad vehicle. Last sales figures I know in the US are 2018, Jeeps Wranglers far outsold Landcruisers, they don't have 70 series, only 200 series and circa 4,000 Landcruisers were sold in the US.

Jeep Australia service sucks as do most of their competitors service and all dealers I have met in Africa and Australia of all cars are toxic.

The Wranglers are great, I owned one from 2001 to 2005 it is better offroad than any Landcruiser, I have owned one of these as well or Double cab Ute: never owned one just observed them.

Don't believe the anecdotes and other stories there just as many stories like this about Fords, Toyotas and any other vehicle you wish to name.

Hope you enjoy the Wrangler