Looking to buy a new JK Rubicon

The new Jeep J K Wrangler is an absolute pearler , been recalled before its even been released .....This must be a first .
Do you mean JL wrangler? What's the first recall?

Edit: I found it looks like the effective welds on the frame, I've always wanted to own a Wrangler but can't bring myself to throw the money away.
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I took one for a test drive and thought it was excellent. Too much money though.
I briefly Revisited buying one of these in January, the JK Wrangler I mean and even a 4 door base model sport was going to cost far far far too much money for a car that's a fantastic toy but not the most practical road car, if you dare ask for a diesel variant you'd better have or wob5TattsLotto previously.
I want the overland but you can only get the base model in the diesel so I priced the base model in the diesel and still nearly fell over,

It's a lot of money for a car that is great off road but far from the best of its type on road or in terms of safety or reliability or noise or a whole bunch of other stuff.... once I can get a post 2012 JK for under 10 grand I'll consider it.