Looking for off road mates

I Recently bought a Land Rover discovery 2006

Want to go on some tracks but unfortunately no friends with 4wd, Is there any one going out for some off road tracks in sydney, I am all free on Sunday. Would be appreciate



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How much do they rub on full compression? My 32's just touch the rear inner guard when fully compressed on the D4 265/65/18, I have found them to be a very good fit and work well


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Did you see that last discussion ?
Someone with 5 minutes 4wding experience telling someone with 15 years what there car is capable of, gotta love the internet ...
I must have missed that thread but I posted 3 trips on 4wd trip in the past 6 months, one trip with the lemon on 32s and two trips on the new toy with 31s and both times I lead bigger cars/tyres with no restriction whatsoever. If people are insisting your penis.....sorry tyres are too small I suggest you just list the trips instead.


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So how much do they rub? must be a fair bit. I always prefer a skinny tire over wider but thats another topic all together.
Just check they will turn without destroying stuff when the car is lowered all the way down, it is a LR after all and you never know when it will decide it wants to sit lower.
Do you have the LLAMS EAS kit, if not I suggest you look into it