Looking for advice buying a second hand 4wd


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Hoping for some advice from the 4x4 earth community.
I have been camping for a few years in my Subaru Outback and a now ready to explore a bit further so I am getting ready to purchase a 4wd.
I have been looking around at many different models and am looking at land cruiser 76’s. My budget won’t stretch to a new model, and the cost of the upgrades. So have been looking at the second hand market around Brisbane on Carsales and gumtree.
But as this is my first look at buying a 4wd, it’s a bit overwhelming with so many different year models, km’s driven and mods done.
I have some basic requirements around the mods like suspension, lift, bar work and diff locks, and am keen to have a project to do my own work on the camping set up part.
I realise it’s a general question but wondering if there is anyone out there with advice around things like max km’s per year and whether there are any known issues with the 76 that I would need to be aware of. Or just any thoughts anyone has.
any advice will be greatly appreciated.
cheers, Dale.


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you will pay a fortune for a 70 series at the moment, and if it is a reasonable price it is either going to be 400k km or been recently washed in the floods


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Try a forum search, the same question gets asked almost every day.

Im sure there are many similarities to what your asking.

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Welcome to the site, your question has been asked and responded to many times before! Search the previous posts. It's the most common question from new members. :)


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My thoughts...
First question to answer is... What exactly do you plan to do with the new 4WD?

Unless you're planning to do the Old Tele Track, Kimberly or the Simpson or tow a decent sized van then I'd be considering widening your search.

There are plenty of options out there that can take you far enough off the tourist trail that you won't have to share your campfire with anybody, get you home again and still be comfortable enough to use as a daily driver when you get back. And as an added bonus you'l probably pay significantly less leaving you more money to spend on diesel so you can actually go somewhere.

Just my thoughts


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Whiskey and Josh both have good points. If the 76 provides an essential outcome you require, then buying new is a good idea right now. But if there isn't anything the 76 does that no other 4wd can do, then its time to broaden your search. Not sure what you need specifically, but I would broaden my search.


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It is a very difficult time to purchase any vehicle secondhand in particular a 70 series with the supply shortage. The gearing is different with the updated higher bonnet variants but overall there is not a lot of changes through the years.
There are no specific issues to be looking for apart from all the usual diesel related and general wear related issues you would be checking on with any vehicle
As @smwhiskey said consider what you are wanting to use it for as there may be better value for money options available to suit your needs

I am a bit biased but nothing puts a smile on your dial like a 70 though :cool:


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As an old 76 owner they are an awesome 4wd and if twin locked like mine was will go just about anywhere you are prepared to try. I loved it the Mrs not so much they are loud and can be a harsh ride if you dont spend some time and money getting the rear leafs right for your load. They can even fly ! but dont do this at home ! All in all I loved the thing for all its basicness and lack of stuff to go wrong but the manaul wind up windows was a strecth though.
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