looking for a dc to dc charger


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howdy all
i am trying to set up a dual battery set up does anybody know what system can take a 24v plus input and change it to a 12v plus output
any recommendations on units and places to get them from

thanks in advance


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tried that but just not enough info or so much to show on it and youtube is about as helpful as an ashtray on a harley davidson


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Not totally sure what you are trying to do, and despite a few people going Google HAHA -- It can be a bit tricky, I do build small off grid solar systems at times and I do like the Meanwell DC to DC converters -- RSD-100B-12 It will take voltages between 31.2V to 16.8V and output a consistent 12V -- that is important as when running from a charging 24V system, as input voltages can go over 29V -- https://www.digikey.com.au/product-detail/en/mean-well-usa-inc/RSD-100B-12/1866-4164-ND/7706199

Now for a bit more fun, charging 24V system from a 12V Vehicle charging source -- Could try a Sterling Power Pro Charge B 12V to 24V BBW1224 DC to DC Charger - https://sterling-power-australasia....oof-battery-to-battery-charger-20a-12v24v36v/
Actually running a 24V system may not be such a dumb idea, and quite a few fridges can take a take a direct 28.8V input.