Looking for a 4X4 for under 15k!


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New to this group.

Just looking for a 4X4 to use as a daily as well as going along trails. Was thinking of a duel cab so I can fit my MTB bikes in the back but open for suggestions.

Any recommendations would be appreciated!

If you're looking for great value for money and not planning on towing/carrying heavy loads a triton could be a good option, for a similar year Hilux you would be getting one with much higher kms but also an option, plenty of aftermarket parts available for both cars. Both cars have "problems" but there isn't a car out there that does have issues, best to do some research on each model and then buy something with good regular service history. A petrol Hilux will generally be cheaper than a diesel and cost less to run and maintain in the long run FYI as things like fuel pumps & injectors are much cheaper and petrol is only $1.10 a litre atm


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Thanks for replying,

What is the minimum year I should be looking at? Do I need a Ute that has the better technology? And newer features?
If you look at MN or ML tritons you'll be able to find something with around 150000kms within your budget. Technology depends on how you plan to use the car, if you're just looking at getting into 4wding a newer and more modern car will generally have better forms of traction control and things like rear lockers, I don't believe either the Hilux or the triton will have extensive tech that will help off-road, just aim to enjoy driving some tracks and put on some all terrain tyres and some rated recovery points, if budget permits than a mild lift kit and it'll take you to most places. There are other options, but probably more single cabs. Dual cabs became really popular in late 2000's so those cars are mostly 20k still for low km models.

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I think the most important thing is do your research. Keep hunting and searching and look for one that has good service history. I bought a 2009 Navara D22 2.5L, $12,000 2 yrs ago not a world-beater I know but only had 98,000kms on the clock, one owner (not car yard). Took it to a mechanic and he states this is a Wednesday car, the assembly guys wern't hungover Monday or hurrying up Friday. I have taken this over to Moreton Island, Rainbow Beach, Inskip, Cooloola Coast, Bribie Island, etc..... Chucked some, recovery points, AT's on it, a catch can, and an i-drive throttle controller (this really helped the flat spot take off). I also tow a Lifestyle soft floor camper. Does all I need for now