Looking at buying a HJ47


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I plan to buy a HJ47 troopy to use as my daily driver and I have some questions.
What are they like to live with?
How hard is it to find air conditioning systems for them, and what kind of money do they cost?
Are they are specific things I need to look out for when inspecting one to buy?



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There are generic air con systems available online for about $1000. I Dont know if they are very effective in the large space of a troopy though.
Look for rust just about everywhere. Its not too hard to fix in the bodywork but body rust can indicate chassis rust as well. I would steer clear of petrol models unless you plan an engine swap, they are barely more powerful than a diesel and use a lot of fuel.


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Thanks, that seems like a good idea if I buy one without A/C. I'm sure it will be good enough, I have never had a car with A/C so my expectations are low.
I'll definitely get a diesel, they seem a bit harder to find though.