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Hi. i'm new to the whole 4wding thing but have been interested for a long time. I just bought a 97 V8 Discovery. I've travelled around Australia in extensively in a XF Falcon and regretted not having a 4wd, i bogged the falcon more times than i can remember pretending it was a fourby. I'm looking foward to seeing the parts i missed out on the first time around. There dosen't seem to be many other Disco owners out there. Going up to Mt Dissapointment this weekend to get it properly dirty.


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Mate, You don't realize how much you can miss out on untill you actually get out there and have a look. 4 wheels turning makes SO much difference! (or at least 1 each end without lockers or limo's!)


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i see another victorian are you sure you guys havnt got a breeding program down there for fwdrivers welcome aboard jon