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Hello everyone, it's been a very long time since I was last here!

Originally I had a 2.8 nissan patrol which I ended up modifying to be quite capable. It was fun but kids came along and was getting abit on. Sold it and went to a Holden crewman... didn't last long. Sold that and got in a 2018 ford ranger, kitted it out lift, tyres, barwork, lights, alloy canopy, 12v set up, fridge. Pretty much what I always had my eyes on. Did a few beach trips and it was great, did what the brochure said... Sold it. Was a great car but just... boring.

Now I've always had a thing for wh jeep grand cherokee's, now stop laughing but ever since I saw Dave's grey one he modified with the help from stu from murchisons 4x4.

So I decided to finally live out that dream and bought one. 05 wh limited 3lt diesel, has a bullbar and sagged 2" ome lift with 250k but its been serviced its whole life, literally have never seen a log booked filled for cover to cover and then another form with services once that was filled!

She's gold, she's old but honestly is so much more character then the ranger and I can't wait to modify it and turn it into something capable with the twin auto lockers.

Picture of each of the vehicles and Dave's wh that inspires me


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Wasn't looking for these rims but they appeared 10mins away and for ridiculously cheap


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I'm very much the same Ashash -- looks like we both join 2012 WHAT!! that's ten years ago !!