Long Range Fuel Tank in Paj

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Hi All,
Well we have the Long Range Fuel Tank for Ekki and last night we broke open the box to look at the instructions........Hmmmm
One very very basic diagram and one paragraph of instructions.
Anyone done this in a Paj before?????
Starting to think we will have to pay for someone else to fit - ouch. The Wooky is good but he needs some sort of directions to help him.


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What brand did you get? I've fitted a few now and again and found the Long Ranger by Out Of Town Tanks to be a very good fit and retains all the factory fittings.
Not a hard job to do at home but you do need to remove a few other parts first in most cases to make the job easier and a pit or hoist helps a lot :).
Always check a tank for leaks too before installing it as there have been cases where they have been fitted then found out it leaks from a weld pinhole etc. A lot easier to fix first before it's installed and without fuel in it! A low pressure test with soapy water is all that's needed to check it.