Lockdown Protests


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So what is your point? They have a reason so just give them your details, why make an issue of it if you have done nothing wrong?
The police were there because this is where the protesters had organized a protest. This would be enough to have suspicion that anyone there may be involved. If people had a legit reason they would give their ID and there story as proof. End of story. The trouble makers know that and try to act as legal know all s refusing to give details, especially on camera to show they can do what they like. So down they go for illegally not providing details and then cry.


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The police do not have the right to demand your name or address without a reason. Generally, a police officer can only ask you to give your name and address if they believe you:

  • have committed an offence
  • are about to commit an offence.

For example, a police officer can ask you for your name and address if they believe you bought alcohol and you are under 18.

Other times the police can ask for your name and address are:

  • if you are driving a vehicle or boat and a police officer signals for you to stop. You must stop and show the police officer your licence or permit
  • if you are on the tram, train, bus or on public transport property (public transport inspectors and protective services officers can also ask for your name and address)
  • if you are in a hotel or licensed premises (staff can also ask your age)
  • if they believe you have information that could help them investigate an indictable offence. They must tell you what offence they think you can help them investigate.

The police must tell you why they want your details. If they don’t give you a reason, you should ask for it.

It is an offence to refuse to give police your name and address or to give police a false name and address if they have a lawful reason to ask you for your details.
Let's break down your post :)

If you are sitting on a park bench when a protest is due to kick off, and recent history has suggested that they turn violent, then they have the right to ask for your name and address, particularly as there is a lawful direction - that the Police are obliged to enforce, then you must provide your details.

If you are sitting on that same bench any other day when a protest is not due to happen then there is unlikely to be a strong Police presence and as such you are very unlikely that a copper will get out of the car instead drinking coffee and eating a donut. ;)

If you are walking down the road going to the shops without a screwdriver, hammer or other potential break and enter tool then you are unlikely to be stopped by a copper.

If you are walking down the road going to the shops with a screwdriver, hammer or other potential break and enter tool on you or there has been an assault, break in, theft or other act in the immediate vicinity then you are very likely to be stopped.

You must always provide your details, you then have the right to report this to Senior Police at another station / LSA if you feel they have overstepped their rights and will be investigated, case in point, Raptor in NSW.


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Having a virus lockdown protest march during lockdown is like a fireman trying to fight a fire using kerosene. The government down there must feel like they're fair dinkum trying to herd cats, and you've got people on here proudly proclaiming how they just do whatever they want anyway. These are all actions designed to make the government look bad by prolonging the agony for everyone. The virus is being used as a political weapon by the few to make the many discontented in order to bring about change. The soldiers are all unwitting people who've had their "freedom" buttons pushed and the doctors, nurses and vulnerable are all collateral damage. In an authoritarian country they would just shoot the protesters. :)


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There seems to be a few people getting lost in all of this.

Let’s get back to the basics, we have a highly infectious virus doing the rounds and our elected government is trying to lead the community through the pandemic.
In order to limit the virus spread and allow our medical system to cope they have enforced short term lockdowns.


There is no coo of our elected government being overthrown by the military or whoever like happens in other countries. This is not an ongoing event, they are already loosening the restrictions ( in the case of Victoria you could easily say it is even too early)
I don’t understand why a select few want to push back and prolong the agony in the name of “ freedom” o_O

It just defies logic.

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I pretty much agree with everything re. Police and giving details etc. But I don't agree with mandatory vaccination. It's just wrong and unnecessary.

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I pretty much agree with everything re. Police and giving details etc. But I don't agree with mandatory vaccination. It's just wrong and unnecessary.
Only unnecessary for some if the huge majority of the rest of the population rolls their sleeves up, takes the risk for the benefit of their community, and gets vaccinated.



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Yep. Looks like lockdown works to prevent influenza deaths also.
Well I have not actually looked into flu deaths as compared to Corona Virus deaths.
Give or take some variables like what has been recorded correctly in both flu and covid deaths over time , it still confuses me that some people say that "flu deaths are a lot more deaths than covid deaths so why the big deal in locking us up, etc etc. ".

Don't tell me that this is another conspiracy theory that's been pushed for one's agenda. ;).
P.S. I love this gif.