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I’ve got a 1994 ln106 that’s has been engine swapped with a 3.0 litre 5L engine which has an aftermarket turbo

I have have had problems with my gearbox and after a bit of looking around found out that the g52 gearbox’s aren’t the best gearbox’s when turbocharged and that a common swap is a r series gearbox out of a surf

I have been looking at r151f and r150f gearbox’s and was just wondering what sort of problems I would run into if I was to swap a r151f/r150f gearbox into my car and if there is that would be more compatible with my car

Also I don’t know a lot about gear ratios so just wondering if I’ll have any problems with them aswell


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Sorry I have zero knowledge on the tech advice your after, I suggest you try a Toyota specific forum although I am a bit surprised none of the Toyota worshipers here , and there are a few, haven't been able to help out. check a LUX forum, I am sure there are a few out there