LN106 Dual Cab '93 SR5 Tonneau

I need a new tonneau for the old girl.
Have contacted a few online Aussie sellers who sell them for less than $200 but when I tell them the details (clips on behind rear window, my Hilux has a rollbar not a sportsbar) they say they don't have one that fits.
Have contacted some local auto upholstery blokes who can make me one for about $500-600, which is what I'm thinking of going with. They admit they can't compete price-wise with the online sellers, but say their tonneaus are top quality.
Any thoughts?
Pics below of the clips & the fit around the rollbar.

Tonneau_RollBar.jpg Tonneau_Clips.jpg HiluxGwydir1_smaller.jpg


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Hey @ComfortablyNumb, how'd you go with this one? Is that a standard headboard or custom?

www.supplyworks.com.au sell tonneau covers, and can produce custom covers with accurate dimensions.

Otherwise you could remove the headboard, or replace with a factory one (probably just as pricey as buying a custom)