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Little desert

Discussion in 'Tracks Discussion' started by Todd, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. Todd

    Todd New Member

    Gday can anyone give me a bit of info on the little desert. Taking a group up there next month would like to know of some good tracks..
  2. mac_man_luke

    mac_man_luke Well-Known Member

    Next month is pushing comfortable time of year for little desert, could be pretty warm.

    Mcdonald "highway" up the centre is a nice drive, most of the tracks are pretty similar terrain - sandy and fairly flat.
    Camping is pretty limited, not many clear flat spots other than the designated camp sites. Eastern most section no camping other than dedicated sites.

    BIGCOL Well-Known Member

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  4. Todd

    Todd New Member

    Cheers mac we are actually camping at Duffholme cottage & camping and driving in each day.. hopefully temperature is ok but hay that's what aircon is for. Thanks bigcol I will have a look
  5. Ramm

    Ramm New Member

    Crossed it from east to west years ago. Maybe even 10 or 15 years ago.
    I remember maps were more helpful than I was expecting (couldn't afford gps then).
    Lots of native bees.
    Temperature was fine.

    *Edit* Oh yeah. And not a great place if you are precious about the vehicle paint getting scratched.
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  6. Neil Watts

    Neil Watts Active Member

    I'm heading to big desert on cup weekend, 7 day forecast leading up attached.

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  7. mac_man_luke

    mac_man_luke Well-Known Member

    Ouch, i did big desert once at 35ºC and it was not much fun. Spent one day driving, couldnt really get out car for lunch for heat/flys/bees - ended up having dinner at Murrayville pub and heading home early. Sand was nice and fluffy though.
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  8. Neil Watts

    Neil Watts Active Member

    If you can believe these long range forecasts it's supposed to be mid 20's for the following week.
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  9. discomatt

    discomatt Well-Known Member

    IMO Little Desert , Big Desert and Wyperfield are all great but not in hot weather, very little shade, relentless sun and millions of fly's . I like Big Desert the best and all can be done in one trip over 5-6 days
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  10. Todd

    Todd New Member

    Thanks for all your advice guys. Cheers

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