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This trip we led 13 cars from Canberra up to Lithgow. The plan was to hit most of the hard tracks and have some fun on the flex tracks as well. We ended up doing Ali Baba's Cave, Pipeline, Moon Rock and Ranger Bobs. Not all cars tackled every track, but the bigger rigs certainly did. We had a bucket load of cameras along for the trip and ended up making three fully edit and produced YouTube videos. If you are interested take a look - I have posted each individual video, but also a link to the Playlist that links all three together. The highlight of the trip had to be the big patrol bouncing into a massive wheel stand on the section of track next to Moon Rock. Was an awesome bit of action!

Full Playlist of the Trip

Part 1 - Ali Baba's Cave and Flex Track

Part 2 - Pipeline, Flex Track and Moon Rock

Part 3 - Ranger Bobs