Liquimoly Engine Flush plus - includes video


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Afternoon all,

After being happy with the results following my Liquimoly Diesel Engine intake decarb clean a few weeks back I figured it was time to drop the oil and get any rubbish it may have removed out.
I know I should have done it sooner but I was too busy enjoying the Paj rather than working on it.
With that said, I thought I give the engine flush plus a crack and see what its all about.

Reading and watching any content I could find on it, provided me with a mix of opinions and like most things everyone was convinced theirs was right.
Whilst I did find comments recommending against it, I didn't see any real evidence that proved giving it a go would be as bad as suggested.

As with the Decarb, I figure if these products were killing engines , I think there would be info that could be found to support it.
With no proof to be found, I jumped in with both feet to try it out.
Again, I thought this might be a good move after the previous intake clean to make sure everything was as clean as it could be before throwing in some new oil.

Overall, I can't say that there was any obvious benefits to the flush but I will be keeping an eye on the oil to see how quickly is turns black.
Not that this will be proof that it worked but it will at least be a visual sign that something went right.

I'd be interested if anyone else has tried it and what their results were if they had any more definitive outcomes than I did.

As always, here's the vid

cheers Brett