Lions Back Crash


Just watching 'Destroyed in Seconds' and they had some footage from the Lion's Back in Moab, Utah.

From Wikipedia:

The climb involves several hundred feet on a 25° - 65° slope, and then a 9-point turn-around at the top of the rock before slowly descending the same way up.

Here is footage of a Chevy K-5 Blazer. The driver was a woman on her honeymoon. Must have got up OK, but on the way down, panics and slams on the brakes - which fail. Speed increases and they fall off the track 30 feet, luckily into sand and no one dies. Lucky. Oh, and she has never been offroad before!!!


Awesome track though.


Here is another video. Man, I really want to do that track. Evidently it is on Private property now.

Awesome track. I would only do it once.


PS Is there a way to directly link youtube videos? I tried a couple of ways, but couldn't get it working.

Blue Dog

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Lions Back is closed now

Check out The Blacksheep Hummer squadron site for more vids of Moab.

Or punch in moab 4x4 on youtube and there are heaps there.


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That track is insane, how steep was it, near verticle or what:eek::eek:
You'd hate anything to go wrong on that! no trees to hook a winch cable onto up there & you'd hate to stall it:eek:


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I did that track the last year I think before the guy who owns the land shut it down, going up isn't so bad its coming down, there are steeper tracks than that around Moab, but that one is scary because the fin is so exposed,


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done some stupid things in a 4by but not ready to meet my maker trying something like that, that rock would make the hair on the back of ones neck stand up