Lift and tyres

Hey guys, new to the group. I have a 2014 dmax with AFN bullbar. I’m wanting to lift it and put some bigger tyres on. I just want to know:
1. 2 vs 3 inch lift
And 2. What is the biggest size Tyre I can run with the lifts.
Hey mate,

I'd start by thinking about what you want to use the vehicle for, and have a look at the regulations for your state. If you go outside of them and have an accident your insurance company can walk away from the claim.

In general it will be 50mm total increase (tyres, suspension and body lift combined) maximum. Some states allow 25mm bigger tyres with a 50mm lift.

You can run 265/75/16's on a Dmax with no lift. Any bigger is asking for issues with your driveline without some decent modifications.

I have seen some people fit 285/75/16's but its illegal and you'll need to trim the body mounts of do a substantial lift.

This should give you some ideas -

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2 inch lift is the most practical all around will get you nearly everywhere and keeps you legal, 3 inch lift makes a good looking mall crawler and you are heading into different territory with the accompanying mods that would need to be done with it to get the best out of it. Legalities are an issue too