LiFePo4 safety


Hi All,
I'm considering switching to Lithium. From experience I know that small consumer Lithium batteries combust when pierced or even sometimes, overcharged.
LiFePo4 is supposed to be better, so I'm trying to find out if this is a concern.
I travel a lot of corrugated roads like Gibb and Top End and if that can shake my battery apart, that would be a problem.

What's your experience? Do you know of any cases when these combusted in a car - for any reason?


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No issues with mine but then I haven't crashed with it in.

Have seen videos of someone dropping one in a burning pill drum and shooting one with a pistol without issue of you want to take it to extremes


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My EVpower Lifepo4 has done nearly 7 years so far and travelled over some of the most corrugated roads/tracks we have to offer, including the CSR, multiple desert trips and anywhere in between. No problems at all.
Lifepo4 is vastly safer than lithium polymer, and no more dangerous than a standard lead acid. It’s proven tech now with thousands of them in use daily around the country in various 4wd/camper/caravans/trucks/boats etc etc.


The real danger of Lifepo4 is loose connections from vibrations causing heating, & aswell short circuits (SC are not much of a problem with a good BMS). Do any of these dropins say they can handle the corrugations? When I set my system up I made sure all connections were held in by proper locking hardware, mild thread locker, & accessible to check the torque on them. Also placed diff density foam & rubber between the floor & battery box to absorb some of the vibrations. When you set up an adventure bike for harsh remote travel you learn what vibrations can do.

As for combusting?, You mean flames?? it's virtually impossible for Lifepo4, under short cicruit or severe overcharge they bulge & spew out their guts & the danger is surrounding materials getting hot. I face more danger with my flooded deep cycle during equalisation with explosive fumes.