Leyland Daff Vans Utes (LDV)


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Unusual cars on club trips make the day so much more interesting.....unless it's a dog car like a Honda CRV or similar getting stuck on speed humps everywhere. :) But if the unusual car turns out capable, then it makes for a great day out.


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I've come to the conclusion, there arnt too many good new vehicle's on offer at present. That's not to say you can't buy something and be happy with it... for the money spent.
for the price of a new unsuitable vehicle, you could get a sharp deal on something 2nd hand and spend the difference to "upgrade" it to more than suitable. . . ? most people dont have the time, or motivation, because the 'new" seems more appealing. for me I like old(er) and modified to suit. With depreciation, it seems to me a lot of money to lose for the comfort of being covered by a possibly dubious warranty. and If I write it off, well Ive got my moneys worth and haven't lost too much
After I wrote the ute off that I had owned for only 6 days I briefly looked at possibly getting an LDV but didn't really want to be a guinea pig. I ended up with another Mazda BT50, this time a single cab as a 2.5 metre long tray was needed. Mazda compared to LDV as far as pricing goes the LDV was $6500 cheaper, I reckon I would recoup that at trade in time. No bull bar available and I travel through Central Queensland frequently at night, that's how my other ute was written off when a stray cow stepped in front of me. Both utes offer 5 years warranty, LDV 130,000 kms, Mazda unlimited kms. LDV offers 5 years roadside assistance, Mazda doesn't but I have RACQ for that. More Mazda dealers than LDV. Without going into mechanics of both utes I don't think the LDV is a big enough bargain when compared to Mazda for example. I find it strange that when looking for a new ute the Isuzu was out as I had to have 5 star ANCAP rating for access to mine sites and even now Isuzu single cab ute only has 4 stars, it was one I had considered. I expect I will be travelling around 100,000 kms per year.
I wonder what the difference in insurance premiums is between an LDV and say a BT50 is. ?
I wouldn't have thought there would be much in it. I only pay $650 with RACQ with like for like replacement for 2 years and agreed value after that. May be a little cheaper for LDV seeing as how it's worth less.