Lexus LX470


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This is my newly purchased 2002 LX470, I am 3rd owner full service history with 250,000kms on the clock. This model is fairly overlooked considering it’s basically a 100 series Sahara (only difference the AHC suspension).

Planning on building a budget weekender, snorkel is going on this week and new catback exhaust has been ordered. Will get all the usual mods in time



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How good the suspension offroad? What's the max clearance? How often do things go wrong?

In high, it’s over 50mm Higher then standard OEM height. It’s functions as similar to normal 100 series cruiser setup. It will clear 33’s in its current form

The Lexus is not huge in Australia but they love them in the states and plenty of people having trouble free driving upwards of 400,000kms with the suspension. But given the fact that the next cheapest 100 series cruiser was nearly 5K dearer with many still closer to 20K for same car the Lexus IS a must

My plan will be to remove it and replace with aftermarket stuff anyways and do the diff drop etc


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What is AHC suspension? Is it Toyotas version of adjustable air suspension?
Yeh it’s Hydraulic System controlled from inside the car. 3 heights
And if you don’t want it just bleed system and remove hydraulic shocks and replace springs and torsion bars as normal


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Purchased a new car back exhaust the other day and time came to fit today and.....doesn’t have a bend to get over tailshaft and the point at which the 2 pipes come into one happens to be right where the uni joint for tailshaft is. So much for “bolt on”.

On the upside the Safari snorkel has arrived!



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