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Hi Guys,
Heading to Levuka next week. Just me, the missus and the kids .. .and the dog.
Have never been. Hoping to do some more wheeling and give the missus some more experience.
Any comments, tips before I got ??

... you know there will be video when I get home !!!


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101 Brava,

I think if I had any advice it would b; after talking to your little boy, you need to explain to him if he wants to get up the hill he needs a Rodeo.

I do have an observation though....you seemed to do alright out there, and especially sitting back watching us all pack up.

Hi I was in the camp below you, hope we didn't keep you awake on the last night.
It's nice spot Levuka, we have been a couple of times now, everyone has always had a good time.
I think the mud in the rain forrest is a given anytime of year, and perhaps not the correct place to go after a bit of rain......unless you have one of those 4inch lifted 35" running trench digging machines.


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Levuka -with video link

Hi Newhue. After watching vids of my attempts at Grames (Graeme's) track I was doing everything in TOO LOW a gear. I learnt the next day that LOW 1 is only good for rocky slow climbs. LOW 2 with more HERBS got me places I never thought she'd go. I learnt a lot on the weekend...... and no, sorry, we're a Blue Blood family - no holdens :) Our fav toy is our 351'71 Fairlane in the shed - but that's no good at Levuka.

... was very relaxing watching you guys pack up too !! no you weren't noisy at all.

New video uploaded last night - YouTube - Levuka in our Bravo

Have more vid to edit - have some of the Red Prado on 2 wheels plus the Challenger up the track and other stuff. Subscribe to my videos and you'll see what we get up to when we head back to Levuka in June.

Hope to see you guys around again.


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yeh that's what it's all about I think, did you happen to see my muffed effort.

At Easter the track was a bit wetter. I did the hill in Low D on the auto, but had locker in as well....no troubles at all, up I go first run.
This time, bit cocky..how hard can it be. Down I go in High D no locker and got nowhere, only succeeding in filling the tyres with mud turning them into slicks. Back and forward I go trying different lines and gears until l ultimately end up back in Low D with locker on.

Phew away I go up that dam hill.

It did feel good finally getting the better of it though. Apparently that Prado had a front locker. It was interesting watching him give it a good crack, but I'm glad he did a u bolt after almost rolling it.

Ahh the joys......
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Heading back to Levuka for the June long weekend.... have 6 vehicles coming along this time inc D40 Nav, Lux, Bravo and some Tritons. Will be great to see how they all compare - will be plenty of pics & vids !! Cant wait.