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24/06 - I had a grand plan leading up the last school holidays, the Darling river was flowing again and Lake Menindee was filling. After seeing the mass fish kill a couple of years ago I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to see it with my son, and show him a bit of the outback, while I can. So I packed the car, ensured I had a the Mad Max movies and something to watch them on and headed North.
Before we'd reached the Murray I got a call from my wife that things weren't looking good for NSW in the COVID sense. 'Bother' was not what I said.
We'd left late and I'd ended up wasting a few hours stopping to discuss a job opportunity on the way so it was dark and we still hadn't crossed the border. We rang the local rangers and decided to camp at Carter's beach on the Vic side of the Murray. Had the huge expanse of beach to ourselves.

25/06 - NSW trip option not looking any better.
'So Max. What do you want to do? Do you want to see more of Victoria?'
'Not really. Can we go somewhere warmer?'
I'd sought of been mulling over possibilities in my head over night. We had almost 2 weeks at our disposal with no commitments anywhere. How was COVID going to impact our options? How was going to find out from Carter's beach.
'Righto Max, what about outback Queensland?'
'Yep. Sounds good.'

So we packed up and headed for the coffee shop in Strathmerton, to sit in some comfort and check all the Covid requirements and how they were going to impact us, only to find the coffee shop had closed due to Covid. 'Gosh' was not what I said.

We drove to the servo in Koonoomoo (which we found closed due to Covid on our return trip), filled up, grabbed a pie, and I got on line checking the requirements, filling out passes, and talking to the Covid help line in Qld. They told me if we travelled directly through NSW, avoided red zones, only stopped where absolutely necessary, and masked up and thoroughly disinfected when stopping, we'd be fine to enter outback Qld.
Sweet! Where's the nearest stop over the Qld border? Cunnamulla. Ring and book accommodation because I ain't setting up camp in the dark after all that driving. Time 11am. Righto, let's hit the road. It is going to be a long day.

We made it to Cunnamulla no drama's, with about 5 hours driving in the darkness. I think the ShuRoo helped us.

The 10 days took in Cunnamulla, Noccundra, Cameron Corner, Quilpie, Adavale, Barcaldine, and a day trip to Longreach.





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Back to Melbourne for a coupla days and then off to Wyperfeld, Big Desert, and Murray Sunset. No Border Track for us though (again) due to SA Covid restrictions and our trip to outback Qld. 'Dang' was not what I said.
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The back road drive from Adavale to Blackall was awesome. There was this one point were you come over a ridge and around a corner and the view is like a little Arizona monument valley. Sensational.

The billabong camping in Adavale was spot on too.


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Where is that last photo with the kids on the tailgate John? It looks like the Wyperfield National Park just west of Yarto.

Nice looking spot.
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Hi Boobook,
It's my daughter on the left :). Was lucky to get her out for a trip after one particular Russell Coight type thing I did on another trip.

It's Murray Sunset, East of Mopoke hut. The track is obscured by an information balloon on my Meridian Map so I can't name it, but because I've just learned I can do it the QR code below is the approximate location.

Mopoke Hut was a sensational camp spot.

It was my second trip to the area. Was with a mate and his kid too. So much more to explore than we got covered.

To be a bit more precise.

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Nice pictures,
Did you take one of the place that looks like monument valley?

Unfortunately I didn’t. Look, it’s probably nothing like it but in that moment we came over the crest I thought ‘Wow’. It was in the middle of a 200k dirt road drive between Adavale and Blackall. Middle of nowhere with no other humans around. Pretty amazing anyway.


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Good to see you got away. COVID and one big day on the road resulted in an entirely different trip. The kids won't forget that.

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Can commiserate, sitting here in Melb waiting to go up to the Gulf, for the second year, aaaghh!
Good to see you got away. COVID and one big day on the road resulted in an entirely different trip. The kids won't forget that.
Huge difference. For myself I never expected to be sitting at the Vic border making a call whether we should just drive to Queensland. My daughter wasn't with us for that part of the journey. My son and I were looking at the map of Queensland considering how close the gulf was to where we were. He said to 'We could always come back in the September school holidays and do it'. Loved hearing that.
great pics and looks like you all had fun!
I think they did. At this age I can throw in a couple of things that they're not allow to do at home and makes a huge difference. Note the iced coffee on the tail gate. What mum doesn't know won't hurt her.