Lest we forget.

Rusty Panels

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Absolutely!! Lest we forget what these blokes have given up for us to enjoy the lifestyle we are privileged to enjoy.
Let's not give it all away just because the politically correct bullshit dictates to us that we must be tolerant of everyone regardless of whether or not their values and beliefs align with ours.

Lest we forget!!


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I'll be up at 0400।।a shot of rum।।।start the fire pit a black coffee then off to rsl to remember my mates and fellow soldiers who never came home then dawn service then gun fire breakfast then raise a glass with other soldiers

I ain't gunna forget or parlay to the current bullshit way of thinking

We Will Remember Them

Rusty Panels

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I've had an extra sad day as my best mate died in my arms this morning after suffering about 6 epileptic fits in the early hours.

Lest I forget.


Rest In Peace Zacky Boy.

Rusty Panels

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Thanks Guy's, love them while you have them. Life's too short.

That goes for the fur friends as well as the human ones.