Learning to fly


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The Spark is almost half the price of the next Dji model up, the Mavic. So in some ways it makes sense even with its limitations. I was told on the weekend the spark is now discontinued with no replacement model, so new buyers will be starting with the mavic. Guess I got in just in time, but support may not happen now??

So far, I've just been playing and learning to fly. Next week I should get it on a trip away, see how that pans out I guess.


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Well i have just bought a DJI Phantom 3 Pro, yes i know its an older model, but for the price i picked up for it was hard to resist for my first drone, have a 4mth trip planned next year from Melb - Darwin - Broome, Perth - Home, so gives me plenty of time to get used to it, learn its ways etc, and if find not suitable upgrade, hahaha.

Looking forward to putting in some hours over the Xmas period.


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Just remember grasshopper hight is your friend, chasing correllas is fun and magpies attack